About the Work

I look at an artist’s work, including my own, as a progression over time. My new work, Time Keepers, explores the counterpoint between the perceived immortality of the stones and the mortality that burdens us all. The photographs were made in the Four Corners area; primarily southern Utah, northern Arizona and northern New Mexico. It is a unique landscape. Every time I go there, I find myself wondering if it was all real. Deep inside I get the feeling that man does not belong here. Like the rest of nature, there is no kindness or compassion in the natural order. How would you survive in a landscape of stone? But it is a beautiful place that attracts me with it’s secrets.

Cloud MakerCapitol Reef National Park, UT

When I am making images, I photograph stones that I am drawn to. The image captures the mystery of that attraction; the experience of standing before these beautifully monumental and mysteriously timeless objects. it is like automatic writing that results in an otherworldly view of the primordial forces of the Earth—the raw power that moved and shifted massive hunks of rock; forming natural, stone sculptures.

The Keeper of TimeVermilion Cliffs National Monument, AZ

Artists, whose work has had an impact on mine are: photographers Francis Firth (Egypt), Timothy O’Sullivan, Minor White, and surrealist painter Yves Tanguy (here or here).

Time EaterB.L.M. land near Hanksville, UT